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Nana's Iced Tea

I love iced tea! Particularly my Nana’s Iced Tea! This recipe is extra special to me because it was passed down from my Great Grandmother to my Nana, who passed it down to Me!! This delicious but simple recipe is just what you need on a hot day outside!

A few years back I was up at my Nana’s beach house and begged her to make her iced tea. When she made it, she taught me how to make it too, so when I got back home I could make it whenever I desired. I was tickled because it was kind of a secret recipe!

But we finally decided to share it with the world, so you can make this recipe whenever you desire too! It doesn’t call for much. Here is what you will need.


-Bernice Kohr

Iced Tea

Makes One Gallon

-12 cups of water

-8 tea bags

-Juice of two lemons

-1 lemon sliced for floating

-Sweeten to taste with honey or sugar

-Ice to make one gallon of tea

Bring the water to a boil.

Turn off heat and steep the teabags for 20 to 30 minutes depending on how strong you like your tea.

Discard Tea bags and add lemon juice and sweetener.

Pour tea into a gallon pitcher and fill with ice until the the tea equals one gallon.

Add sliced lemons.

(You can spice your tea with whatever you like...lemons, oranges, ginger, mint, etc.)

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